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Welcome to Auvers

auvers signAuvers is a tiny village, population approximately 6,900 (now 6,901), about 16 miles northwest of Paris, a 50 minute train ride if you hit your connections right.   Of course, I don’t know all this upon landing at CDG with two suitcases and two cats.   What I do know:  It’s close to Paris, Van Gogh died here.   A bunch of impressionists painted here.  The rent is $700 a month.    That’s good enough for me.

4 Responses

  1. This looks great! I can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of the site.

  2. Lesley,
    It seems that you are a shopper. I hope you find the perfect scarf or sweater to attract that age appropriate vintner. We had some lovely wine last night from the Langduec called Fat Bastard, wonder what it is called in France.
    bon soire,
    your mom’s friend from Wild Oak,

    • Hi Louise,
      I’m a reformed shopper. Well, I like to think I’m reformed, but mostly I’m just broke.
      Fat Bastard is technically “le gros batard”, although I’m sure the french have some charming colloquial way of saying it like “le gros porc” (well, that’s what my neighbor calls her boss), or “le gros enfant sans pere”, since the french use more words than we do.

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