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Il pleut

il pleur

It’s raining again and I decide the wisest course of action is to turn on the TV to the French news and take a nap..

I haven’t been so quick to pick up French. Every time someone speaks to me and I understand I become too excited and flustered to answer. Almost every question or statement I respond to by blushing, stammering and then retorting “oui, merci.”  Even if I meant to say “ca va bien, merci, et tous?” Soon I will be known as the town retard. My new plan for learning French is to fall asleep with the TV on and just let it sink it by osmosis. So my nap is really in the interest of educating myself, not laziness.

But during my nap something happened that reminded me of the good old days in New York. No, it wasn’t my recurring  nightmare of not being able to find matching shoes for the outfit I’m wearing to a life-altering event.

I was awakened by a call from the French phone company offering me a better plan. I said “non, merci, au revoir” and she yelled, “pourquoi?”. I said “par ce que” she yelled “pourquoi again, I yelled “par ce que” again and hung up. Just like home. The only difference was the language. And the fact that I didn’t detect an Indian accent from the caller.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Lesly,

    There’s a typoe, you should write “Il pleut” and not “Il pleur”.

    BTW, “il pleur” is close to “il pleure”, which means “he’s crying”.

    Your site is fantastic…!!
    Really appreciate.

    It deserves to be known by the Tourist Office, I believe.

    Speak to you,

  2. Merci, Jerome. I’m tempted to leave it “il pleur” just to illustrate how hopeless I am at French.

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