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marketing Auvers

souvenir shop

As I explore the charming flower-lined, uncrowded streets of Auvers, I wonder why aren’t there more tourists here? Sure there’s the occasional tour bus (usually Japanese).   And French families who take their kids to see the famous landscapes they’ve probably unwillingly seen in museums. But certainly none of the multinational crowds and tourism enhanced wealth of a Les Baux, Nice, Arles or Avignon. There’s only one tiny souvenir shop in Auvers (more like a shack) and it’s only open on Saturday. That’s just wrong.

Most of the people I know have never heard of Auvers, let alone its history as an enclave of Impressionist painters. If they knew that some of their favorite paintings were created here, and that it remains virtually unchanged for the past 200 years, wouldn’t they come in droves?   The question gnaws at my marketing mind.   Here are a few ads I’ve come up with to sell Auvers as a destination.

see the originals light blue

see the original

vangogh crazy

van gogh grave

van g slept here

great impressionists

But the appeal of Auvers is not limited to its history. It’s very close to Paris, but serene and beautiful.   So maybe…

million miles from disney land

One thing that constantly amazes me about Auvers is the scent of flowers in the air. It changes from week to week. Two weeks ago it was lilacs. Now, it’s roses. Maybe I can appeal to the new age crowd.


Maybe a “Find Van Gogh’s ear” promotion…I’m just thinking out loud here.

Obviously, I’ve only scratched the surface here and will have to put some real thinking into marketing Auvers. But I won’t rest until I’ve come up with a way to turn this peaceful town I love into a hideous, overcrowded tourist trap I can’t wait to leave.

3 Responses

  1. Hi Lesley,
    Now the lovely art on your site makes sense. We stayed outside Aix en Provence for 6 nights this summer and our window looked right out at Cezanne’s St Victoire mountain. We also spent a week in Maussane and spent several afternoons in nearby St Remy- I loved how the insane asylum put the painting that Van Gogh did right by where he painted it. Auvers will have to be on our bucket list. It is a thrill to see the actual site that we studied in Jansen (art history book,) The Cathedral in Rouen is another near you (relatively), of course done by Monet from his apartment across the square. I have been deprived of Giverney (just too far off the road for my husband to muster on a bead to Paris) and that would be another original source.

    • Auvers is full of that paintings posted next to the site thing. You’d love it. You also love going to the Musee D’Orsay and seeing a whole room dedicated to Van Gogh’s paintings of Auvers. And yes, Giverney is a pain to get to just because it’s out of the way from everything else, but definitely worth it. And your husband can just sit in the garden and fantasize about football (or whatever he fantasizes about). I’ll be putting up some pix and words about Giverney soon. It’s weird to contrast Monet’s huge beautiful house with the tiny room at the Auberge Ravoux where Van Gogh lived. What a bummer.

  2. I read realfrance.wordpress.com via google translate – provision up with the good stuff !


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