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and you thought tiger woods’ life was dramatic…

Below you’ll find a riveting tale of passion, heartache, genius, madness, self-mutilation, addiction, prostitutes, gun-play and death.

No, I’m not talking about the latest Real Housewives of Orange County, a Lifetime movie or True Hollywood stories.   I’m referring to a documentary on Van Gogh by Simon Schama.   It’s a part of his  “The Power of Art” series for BBC in which he takes an in depth look at the lives, times and states of mind of famous artists when they were in the midst of creating a masterpiece.   The masterpiece in this case is “Wheatfield with Crows” which was painted in Auvers days before Van Gogh shot himself.

Thanks to the miracle of the internets, you can watch it here in its entirety.   It’s about an hour, in six ten minute installments, so grab some popcorn (or chouquettes) scroll down and click on the arrow.

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