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utah students deem van gogh’s “starry night” magically delicious

Who says the arts are dying in the US?

Doyle Geddes, a Utah high school teacher had a dream.   He wanted to connect his students to art in a meaningful way, by recreating the world’s largest reproduction of  a Van Gogh’s masterpiece in cereal on the school gym floor.

A donation from Malt o meal allowed him to fulfill his dream.   Geddes said they chose to recreate “Starry Night” because of its beauty and recognition. To accompany the display of “Starry Night,” there were also 28 smaller Van Gogh recreations that students made with cereal.   The project took a grueling 4 hours.

The public viewing was from 1 to 5pm last Saturday before the masterpiece was fed to local pigs.

Geddes feels the experience has already impacted his students’ appreciation of Van Gogh’s sugary goodness.

Personally, I’m appalled.   Cereal might be fine for the muted tones of a Rembrandt, but to authentically recreate a Van Gogh, one must use jelly beans.  I’m sure art experts would agree.

Read the original article.

In the realm of non-foodstuffs, Legos seem to work quite well.

Click here to go to the original Lego Starry Night website (www.brillig.com) with step by step directions.


5 Responses

  1. I Love Vincent VanGoghs Paintings They are the BEST!!

  2. I have been an admirer of van Gough for many years.

  3. I love a gay man…!!

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