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la “fete de la cocagne” is coming!

The question is, what is it?

I’ve been seeing these posters around town.

The preparations are massive. Flags all over the streets and Hotel de Ville. A carousel is in the parking lot. Stages are being set up in the Hotel de Ville parking lot as well as the Van Gogh park.

A construction site on the Rue du Pois is now filled with kegs of beer, glasses, tables and chairs. Is it a party for construction workers? Flower boxes are everywhere, brimming with brightly colored flowers.

Cocagnes is not listed in the French to English dictionary, and I’m pretty sure it’s not cocaine, so maybe it has something to do with chickens?

My biggest fear is that it involves wearing a costume.

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  1. Hey Leslie
    Glad to have you back. I don’t know how to translate ‘mât de cocagne” in English (The Webster proposes “greasy pole” I doubt of it) but it was a pole which young (well you had to be young and fit) people climbed and at the end of it there were ribbons or prizes. You found it at fairs. “La vie de cocagne” means a life of pleasures. I doubt that you will find a real cocagne at Auvers’s fête, but to name a feast with such an old name (and with this old photo) means they are pretty traditionalist over there. And enjoy, summers are full of local feasts, you should find plenty to eat – always.

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