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chapter 2

Maybe you’re wondering why I’ve replaced the header image from a Van Gogh in the crisp colors of the north to a Cezanne in the warm colors of the south.   Long story short, I’m moving south.  Well, I’m moving east and south, since I’m in California at the moment.   But I’m going back.   To stay.  On March 5th, to be exact.

I found a really cute reasonably priced place in Vidauban (Cote D’Azur/Provence) that I’m renting for three months.   From there, I’ll look for something more permanent.    The reasonable price leads me to believe it’s a scam or a cult, but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.  three weeks and six days, to be exact.   Right now I’m too busy worrying about other things.   Like WTF am I doing?   Oh, wait… that would be WTF qu est que je fais?   Or something.

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