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lake annecy: another beautiful place I won’t be spending my honeymoon.

pont d'amours annecy

I’ve never been one of those women who dreams of getting married and imagining the wonderful wedding she’ll have.  Now, the honeymoon is an entirely different matter.   That, I’ve been thinking about for decades.

In considering my honeymoon, I’ve always had several prerequisites. Never chose a country where a large percentage of the women are inordinately beautiful (which lets out Brazil and Nordic countries).    Don’t go to a place so spectacular you’ll want to push him off you because he’s blocking your view.   It should be lovely, romantic, soothing and mildly interesting (but not so interesting that it distracts one from the task at hand). And it has to be somewhere that we both have never been for that shared air of excitement and discovery.   That’s where it gets tricky.

I used to save places for my honeymoon.   For years I avoided Provence, Venice, the Amalfi coast, Greece, Prague, Croatia and Lake Como just in case.   But then I got into my 30’s and realized that if Mr. Right didn’t come along and I missed out on all these places, I’d be really pissed off at him.   So I just started going.

Lake Annecy in the Savoie Alps of France has been on my list for as long as I can remember.   It’s by all accounts, beautiful, romantic, charming and magical.

So when I discover that Annecy is a mere 40 km from Geneva, easily reachable by public transport and the round trip airfare from Nice to Geneva is only 50E,I feel a little conflicted.   If I go to Lac d’Annecy, will it be like I’ve totally given up on having a real honeymoon?  After all, I don’t have many places left. …what if I meet someone and….Ehhh, who am I kidding?  Book it!

My hotel, Hotel des Alpes, is not the place I’d choose for my honeymoon   But it’s clean, well located and the price is right (less than 70E a night).   It’s not like I’ll be spending a ton of time in my room.

So here I am in Annecy and it’s everything I dreamed it would be (except the hotel).  Tiny cobbled pedestrian streets.   Flower lined canals and bridges.   A crystal blue lake.  The Alps as a backdrop.  An abundance of restaurants, bars and cafes as well as traitteurs to pick up a picnic by the lake.

Definitely it’s romantic.  People are making out everywhere.   I haven’t seen so much tongue since…well, the VMA’s.    It’s so beautiful, I almost don’t mind that I’m alone, my tongue is in my own mouth and there will be no consummating on this trip.

Yep, this place would have been perfect for a honeymoon.   As I look over the Pont d’Amours, I’m a little wistful that I’ve eliminated yet another gorgeous place as a honeymoon possibility.

But I tell myself not to worry. Sure, my actual honeymoon options are running low.   But what the hell, at the rate I’m going, the only place I’ll be fit for on my “real” honeymoon will be an old age home.   Maybe there’s a nice one in Bali.

Pictures of Lake Annecy:

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3 Responses

  1. Thanks for your blog. SO GLAD YOU WENT! It is indeed beautiful and now I want to go to. Don’t give up on the honeymoon, just give up on going to a new place. After all, it won’t really matter where you are on your honeymoon anyway!!

    Ann Saul

    PS: I love traveling alone–all the travels I did before writing my book PISSARRO’S PLACES, I was alone and it’s fascinating to be free to meet other people and make sure you get to see what you really want to see.

    • Thanks Ann! I’m glad I went too. And I agree about traveling alone. Some of the places I’ve been to with other people, I actually had to return alone to really get a feel for the place.
      So maybe, as long as I’ve only been to a place alone, it’s okay to return on a honeymoon because it’s almost like they’re two different places. On the other hand, I’ve already started researching old folks homes in Bali. Hmmmm…

  2. […] lake annecy: another beautiful place I won’t be spending my honeymoon. (realfrance.wordpress.com) […]

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