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et tu, france?

Crepe on a stick

Crepe on a stick

One of the nice things about France has always been their approach to eating.   They sit, enjoy and savor finely prepared foods (even if that food is a goddamn snail).  In moderation.

I’ve seen that trend fading with the preponderance of fast food places and prepared foods at the grocery store (which I like to pretend are geared towards american tourists, even though logic tells me otherwise).

But I’m sorry, a crepe on stick?   Yes, this was at an outdoor festival of food.    I’m sure it’s lovely to be able to stroll around with one hand free while eating a crepe, but this just isn’t right.

Jeez, the next thing you know they’ll be making camembert-whiz and drinking wine out of berets.

Wine-Hatphoto of wine cap from www.likecool.com.


4 Responses

  1. Hi Lesley,
    I ended up on your blog while surfing for photos of Antibes, and I was struck by your path. My brother Vincent and I grew up in Antibes, then life moved on, I lived in the States for a while, currently I’m in Quebec and my brother lives… in New York city (wondering what the heck he’s doing there).
    So it’s fascinating to see someone take the opposite path and leave NY to go to my childhood places… as an adult. Discovering l’arrière-pays and everything I used to love. It gives me a thrill of longing reading you. Except for the yachts in Port Vauban, your contemporary pictures of Antibes do look remarkably the same as it did in the 1970’s. Wow.
    Enjoy it to the max, I will follow your adventures with pleasure and a vicarious thrill.
    Brigitte Mounier

    • Hi Brigitte, That is so cool! Is there any place you think I should check out and see if it measures with your memories? I can’t help but notice, that you seemed to have adapted to my native language better than I’ve adapted to yours. It’s my continuing shame.
      Thanks for writing, and thanks for reading!

      • Don’t beat yourself up, French is a tough language. When you master it a bit more, you’ll discover it can be as rich, complex and enchanting as a painting. As for special places, there are too many to single one out. But I’m not worried, the gift of France is that beauty is Everywhere. Your photos speak for themselves. Next time you cross path with a mimosa croulant sous les fleurs, have a thought for me. They are my favorite. Oh et à Villefranche, la chapelle décorée par Jean Cocteau vaut le détour si on aime l’art. Bonnes découvertes!

      • I love Villefranche and the Cocteau Chapel! I want to see the marriage registry he did in Menton (every time I go, it’s closed) and there’s supposed to be another of his chapels in Frejus. So much to see!

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