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old photos

I found a ton of old postcards of Auvers, circa 1900 or so from notrefamille.com (link at bottom of page).   I thought it would be fun to compare some of the postcards with pictures of the same location today.

Place de la Marie


The bridge from Auvers to Mery sur Oise




Clearly, the bridge across the Oise from Mery to Auvers has been updated to accomodate cars.   It even has two lanes!   Fortunately, the huge metal structure that marred the view on the other side has been eliminated.   Now the view is almost totally obscured by greenery.   Those dirty rotten trees!


Rue du pois

This is my personal favorite because it’s the street where I live and it’s almost unchanged.   The pharmacy has moved down a few doors, and there’s a restaurant where the woman is standing in the doorway (sous le porche, someday I hope to afford to eat there), but it’s amazingly similar, over 100 years later.   FYI the crowds in the postcard are standing in front of where Carole and I live now.


The main drag





Then it was called “Rue du Gare”.   It’s still the Rue du gare, but now the street is called Rue General DeGaulle.


The steps to to the church


Rue Daubigny from the church yard


View of the church from Rue General DeGaulle


Daubigny’s bust


Auberge Ravoux


Here’s the link to all the old postcards of Auvers


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