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auvers sur oise

Here’s a listing of all my postings on Auvers.   Click on the links to see the full stories.

first impressions

view of AuversMy first impression of Auvers and some background on the region.  Read all about it.


a short tour

auvers sitesTake a quick video tour of Auvers.  Click here.


an overview (literally)

a helpful view of AuversA cool satellite map of Auvers with key sites pointed out.  Get the lay of the land.


musee d’absinthe. adventures with the green fairy.

musee dabsintheAll about my visit to the Musee d’Absinthe in Auvers and subsequent experiment with the vile brew.  Read up.


daubigny’s house

daubigny's garden

I was surprised to discover that the paintings of Daubigny’s house and garden are only part of the appeal of seeing this house.   Each wall is a work of art.   Read about it and take a stealth video tour.


the village ass

singing donkeyEvery town has an ass.   Fortunately, the one in Auvers is charming.  Meet him.


marketing auvers

vangogh crazyMy expert thoughts on how to turn Auvers into the tourist mecca it should rightfully be.                 See my brilliant ads.


deja vu

I found some really cool postcards of Auvers from the early 1900’s.   I’ve matched some of the 1900 shots with pictures of the same location today.   Check them out.

van gogh’s room

This could explain why he shot himself.   Take the not so grand tour with me.


A link to a pretty comprehensive list of places to see, eat, stay and some useful details.

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