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Embarking on a life of crime

On a drizzly day in Paris, a woman allows herself to be seduced by the Dalloyau Patisserie window display.   After entering the shop, there’s no turning back.   A love story.   Read all about it.


Macarons I have known and loved

An ongoing degustation of macaron flavors with reviews.   Sample them vicariously.


A civilized afternoon tea

The plan for the day is to lay low, watch Jon Stewart reruns on the internet followed by a nap and a civilized afternoon cup of tea.    Which requires a pastry, of course.   I’m totally excited.
In order to put my plan into action, I must visit the patisserie.  I’m getting the same heady rush I used to get when I went to Barneys with a loaded credit card.   Read more…

assiette du patisserie

Lesley’s pastry guide

In a world where the two worst things you can be are fat and poor, nothing could be more useful than a guide to French pastry.    It’ll save you the trouble of shelling out for pastry that will only disappoint you and only get the ones that’ll be worth the expense and calories invested.  In an act of altruism, I’ve made it my goal to research pastry and educate potential consumers so they don’t make the same mistakes I have.  Get the pastry lowdown.


What’s food doing in my food?market

Since I’m in no financial position to be dining out in gourmet eateries, my explorations are mainly limited to grocery stores, mom and pops and falafel stands.  But I’ve already noticed something weird.   Unlike the US, even the grocery store brands seem to contain food.   Here are some of my prelimary culinary observations.


Recommendationsmirabel, prince plums, currents

During my time here I’ll be trying all sorts of new and inexpensive things.   Some of them are food.   Some of them are delicious.   Read my ever growing list of affordable excellence in France.


butcher prices.JPGparlez vous boucher?

If you’ve ever feared ordering a horse steak or pig jowls in France, this is the page for you.   Learn how to speak butcher in French.


rock stars of Auvers

the rock stars of auvers

Where I come from, people stand in line for celebrities and iPhones.

Here in Auvers, it appears the most wanted men are…read more


eating for two

I altruistically eat my way through the Marche Provencal for my friend Wayne to enjoy vicariously.   Read about Waynes delicious lunch.

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